Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Days of our LIES, Clinton soap opera

These are my words that I intended to post on the Yahoo Message Board today in response to their article about Clintons' interview and Condileeza Rice's refuting him. Thesse comments were "blacked out" by Yahoo because they criticize the demo(n)crats of the Clintons but I am not going to be suppressed by illegal censorship of the First Amendment so I post them here:

Do you remember that soap opera on TV named "the days of our lives?" that was all made up hooey? Well that is the Clinton version of history. If the US does not remember that Bill Clinton said something like it depends on the meaning of 'is" when questioned in his impeachment trial, or if they forgot the national shame at his sexual harassment/molestation of a subordinate or his rape of Juanita Brodderick, or he and his wife looting the White House when they left, they should still remember that the USS Cole was bombed while Clinton was President and he did NOTHING. And they should remember that he purchased a billion dollar handshake photo-op on the White House lawn between Israelis and Palestinians,thus setting the stage for future aggression if there were no billion dollar "aid" packages coming from the US, to those areas. He is the worst most shameful President this nation ever had. And Hillary? She is the exact replica of the Bible's "Jezebel" using evil, tricks and subterfuge to attempt to take what is not hers and what the American people are not willing to give to her and that is the Presidency. That shameful bunch should be exiled to a desert island somewhere that they cannot kill innnocent babies, or molest interns, or steal the White House belongings that by law belong to the US citizens. They are liars, thieves and reprobates. I think any person who would vote for either of them for anything would not be in his or her right mind because it would take suspending all facts and all truth to think of them in a positive way, and only the insane are capable of that.
signed gloria poole [RN] aka gloria poole pappas


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