Friday, July 28, 2006

Treacherous exception in "Child Custody Protection Act"

I went to the to find the wording of the bill, erroneously named The Child Custody Protection Act, and at the present time according to the Library of Congress that updates the THOMAS computer service to locate bills in Congress, the bill is S. 396.IS and you may read the text of the bill there. The bill sounds like a good thing until you read to the
exception in Section 2431 {b} {2} that exempts from that law, the parents, guardians, "legal custodians" and persons "standing in loco parentis" for the minor girl in question. Therefore that exception makes the bill all but worthless. History has proved that the definitions of "legal custodians" and those "standing in loco parentis" will be interpreted by abortion mills to be anyone who says they are in that capacity, and therefore is a huge loophole, that renders the Act useless. After you realize that if that bill is signed into law, then the so -called but evil "right" for abortion to be forced upon minors by those "parents", "guardians" , "legal custodians" and "parents in loco parentis" would be codified into law. That would be a bad thing since there is not currently a legal authority to do that.The bill is erroneously named because obviously it is not about "child custody" and it was named that to trick the Congress. Some legislators do not ever read the bills they vote on and they take at face value what the Judiciary Committee tells them about the bill. That is not the way it is supposed to be but that is the way it is. A lot of people in the US think it prevents any not related to a minor to transport across State lines, for the purpose of abortion. The reality that it may only prevent sexual predators themselves but not prevent the parents, guardians, "legal custodians" [teachers during school hours are in fiduciary capacity in most States] and loco parentis folks from being complicent in the deeds of abusing a minor by forcing an abortion upon her all in the name of her "education" or her "future" or blah-blah-blah reasons that all prolifers have heard a zillion times.
It is not good if the results would be to codify a "right to abortion" that does not currently exists at the Federal level. It is not good if the result is to allow those who should have the best interest of minors including the live births of grandchildren, to force upon an already molested girl,an abortion. Abortions are harmful, destructive, premeditated acts of murder of an innocent human being, and they are also destructive to the minor-age mother. It is not good if it codifies law-breaking* and undermines the authority of parents or the States where the minors reside and it is not good for health care businesses. Does the Congress expect health care, nurses and doctors to do background checks to determine if the person presenting with a minor is in one of those "exempt" capacities and how are they The US Congress needs to do the right thing and outlaw all abortions in the US, the territories of the US and The District.
* Health care laws already prohibit the forcing upon anyone of an invasive procedure, when the person is opposed to it.


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