Monday, July 03, 2006

Good News for the Preborn & Thank you Sioux of SD

There is some very good news for the preborn citizens of the State of Nebraska and also the Sioux/Lakota tribes of Native Indians. South Dakota's Oglala Sioux/Lakota Tribal Council successfully impeached the radical feminist President who had attempted to put an abortuary on the Pine Ridge Reservation. They have a new President. Oglala Sioux Philomine Lakota who teaches their language and customs said there is no word for abortion in their language since the killing of unborn children is not allowed.

Also, the State of Nebraska has shut out an abortionist from business in Omaha because the previous abortion clinic property was bought by another group and the abortionist has not been able to find anyone who would rent to him. His notoriety ran ahead of him and the good people of Nebraska did not want his business.

These news "bytes" are in my words. Read the Life News for more details.


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