Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Congress: Vote NO to kidnapping of minors & abortion

Congress: vote no to SR 403 and HR 748 or whatever they have been relabeled today, the bills that are an effort by the wicked to give protection to sexual molestors, incestors and abusers by allowing them to kidnap a minor girl, take her across State lines and force an abortion on her.

There is never a justification for the bypassing of parental rights. The sleazy abortionists and their propaganda, marketing, and PAC's are trying to find some way to increase abortions and target the young. That is truly evil. Those who really have the best interest of minors at heart will not encourage them to bypass the parents who are the MOST invested in their child's well-being. There is no bureaucrat, no Minister, no teacher, no third party who is more interested or more affected by the results of the children than that child's own righteous parents. I acknowledge there are some bad parents but you should not take away the parental rights of the 90% who are good parents because of the (+) or (-)2, ten percent who are not. Abortion is not a good thing--it is a deliberate premeditated act of murder of an innocent child and it has very destructive results to the mother of the baby in the womb. The scarring, the bleeding, the emotional trauma, the suicidal ideology that often results later, the long-term grief is overwhelming to many women. Sixty million women in the US are sterile because of abortion. If there are cases of rape and incest the solution is to prosecute those guilty of that --not to secretly remove the evidence. When a minor is pregnant, then sexual assault occurred by definition since a minor may not give consent to sex in most States. For the perpetrator to whisk the child away, force an abortion on her and then make threats to silence her, is certainly not in her best interest. There are no justifications for bypassing the parents. If the parents are the abusers, then the Minister should report them to authorities and seek to place the minor [ whether pregnant or not] in a protective home environment, and if pregnant allow her to have her baby. Some girls get pregnant deliberately because they want a baby and that is not a crime. The problem is the attitude of this nation about having babies. The baby in the womb is not the problem --its the law-breakers having sex with minors that are the problem and the immoral protection such sin and corruption has had since 1973 when that ungodly Roe decision was unconstitutionally decided. Having babies is good, according to the words of God, who said to "be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth" as recorded in Genesis 1:27.
Do not create loopholes. Do not remove or undermine parent's rights to make decisions for their minor children. The nation that destroys parental authority does that for a reason, to make all citizens "wards of the State" in order to force compliance about ownership of assets, control of children, "blind" [unquestioning] mandatory obedience to policies that destroy the foundation of the nation. Abortion is an evil. It should not be legal,it should not be forced on anyone including minors, it should not be promoted by the government, it should not be paid for by taxpayers and the providers of it and the referrers of it, [Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, Dept of Education, Center for Reproductive Law, the US Senate] should not be allowed to have taxpayer money for the promotion of a sin and heinous crime against the nation, and against the family.
signed gloria poole [RN]


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