Saturday, July 22, 2006

Colorado: boot DeGette, traitor to the US

Diane DeGette of Colorado is a liar and a reprobate because of the words she spoke against the President and because it appears she really believes that killing innocent upcoming generations should be "legal". If she wore a sign on her saying "Hitler's own" it would not be more obvious. The label she stuck on those innocent humans as "waste" is inflammatory and evil.When this nation hears threats in the news from the Arabic world, they get up in arms but let an elected Legislator speak words about implementing a methodical plan of self-annihilation for the US and she is not locked up by homeland "security" . Why not? You have to ask. Her plan to depopulate the US by legalizing the killing of the innocents she calls a "waste" is so evil that it makes me shudder. She is the epitome of evil and what makes her particularly dangerous is that she strives to be subtil with her evil instead of openly warning the US citizens that her goal is to destroy innocent human beings in their mothers' womb who are the coming generations of Americans and the very future of the nation, or any nation. She is diabolical. And she is the enemy of the US and a traitor and she should be tried as such and she should be tried for crimes against humanity because she has been complicent in the deaths of more than 60 million US citizens in abortion mills. Also, I am reasonably sure she has financially profited from the blood and tissues of those aborted babies and that is why she is the lapdog of the Big Biotech killed-baby-processing-plants known euphemistically as "biotech".


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