Friday, July 07, 2006

Calif getting smarter and thank God

In the Life News there is an article about the State of Calif requiring a return on their investment of billions for the fake research of embryonic stem cell. I call it fake research because it is; there is no positive results from killing of humans for pay to make products from them. California is insisting on 25% royalties on any money greater than $500,000, from the so-called "research" that kills human embryoes.Why they allowed a loophole big enough to drive a Mack truck through, I cannot imagine. Unless of course, it is all dog-and-pony show and nothing real at all.Or unless it is to appease the wicked prodeathers who take home $500,000 from abortion clinics. Do most citizens in the US consider $500,000 real money or play money?

Here's the thing: they will find out that the grant money IS the payola and there are no profits from bad science, and thatin time will bring an end to the chicanery. The private investors found out years ago that embryonic stem cell research impoverished them and now they want to make the taxpayers repay them for their stupidity. The stupidity of funding embryo fake research with tax dollars, has spread to Maryland and some other states; so do your research. Find out which states support the killing of innocents and do not travel there, and do not spend your dollars in those wicked places so they do not have much income with which to fund wickedness. The concept of bringing about positive results by drying up the funds of the wicked is what boycotts are all about. Think about fifty years from now when California will be in the history books of the world just like Auschwitz is and decide to avoid or flee from evil places.


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