Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boycott earthlink--its a prodeather & gov't owned

I think some of you know that I had earthlink websites for three and half years and that I maintained them. Four of the eight were 95 % scriptures, another two were prolife, another for my T V show and another for my citizen lobbying entitled words that WORK,LLP.; and one for my daughter, Leigh, who was in Peace Corps but graduated from it.. My emails from that earthlink account were hijacked [technically "redirected" to another person] to Congress woman Diane DeGette's office according to the url that showed at the time. That happened on two occasions. I know why she did that--she is prodeather and she gets big money from the blood and tissues of human babies and therefore she hates prolifers. I wrote against her in my online work at http;//lifemedia-publishing.com, being determined to educate the public about the wicked bill she sponsored that was intended to kill human embryoes and call it "research". When she "redirected" my entire page of emails to her I complained to earthlink and also the FBI. Then I started saving all the evidence from those groups that tried to shut down my work in folders on my earthlink email entitled "legal evidence" and I asked earthlink corporate to make sure those folders were reported to the proper authorities. That was about 3 days ago. Some of those spam flooding attacks against my blogs and emails came from gambling groups that are tied to Jack Abramoff the lobbyist who lobbied most of all,for gambling. I oppose gambling and always have. It starves children and ruins lives. My brother once said, it is a "tax on fools. " I underestimated the connection between Diane DeGette and Ken Salazar and the gambling casinos. The wicked stick together don't they? The Bible says they will come against God's people [those who teach the Commandments] one way [organized] and flee in seven ways.

Before all of this earthlink's customer service gave me a credit on my account for being a loyal customer BUT here's the thing: they never honored it. They double-billed me putting charges against my acct in both my maiden name and my married name; and about a month ago, a prodeather that worked for them attempted to charge me SIX times an amount greater than I agreed too. ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR-FIVE-SIX times that prodeather attempted to bill my card within about a two hour window of time, for an amount greater than I authorized even once. I know this because my financial institution told me it triggered the anti-fraud protections and they blocked earthlink from accessing that card. So I sent a certfied check TWICE to maintain my account. Today my websites are down and not because of lack of payment. I still have the credit and I made a payment on the 10th of July. The fourth person I spoke with today about this said it came from the corporate office but he did not say why. We, prolifers and Christians know why. The enemies of God have no scruples --they are without souls and without consciences. Diane DeGette and other wicked folks in the US Senate are trying to pass a wicked law to institute abortion on demand as a "right" since it is not now a "right" since the US Supreme Court does not have authority to create law and Congress has not created any so -called right to abortion. Because they couldn't--that is why they are trying to slip it under the rug naming the killing of human embryoes, "research" --that old Hitler trick. The Corporate office was once in Atlanta the Bible belt and when it was there it was honorable as far as I could tell.Then they moved to the land of the catholics and became corrupt. The wicked may think they are organized but God IS more powerful and JESUS has all power according to Matthew 28:19. The prodeathers, of Colorado, Diane DeGette and Ken Salazar and the prodeathers of Massachusetts the infamous and wicked Ted Kennedy and the equally infamous and wicked John Kerry are those prodeather catholics, are they not? And aren't they pushing to legalize the killing of human embryoes? I think DeGette is atheist but the others flaunt their catholicism and their prodeath votes. How can God stomach them?


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