Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Indeed, why not ban all abortions?

I quote from an article in Townhall, by Terence Jeffrey, entitled "why not ban abortion now?":

"In this Congress, Rep. Duncan Hunter, the California Republican, introduced H.R. 552, the Right to Life Act, which follows through on the platform by defining as a "person" for 14th Amendment purposes "all stages of life, including but not limited to the moment of fertilization or cloning."[end quote]

I agree with Rep Duncan Hunter and I think 99% of bona-fide medical professionals would agree also. Those who kill for pay, abortionists, do not deserve the revered title of "medical doctor" in my professional and Christian opinion. Those who kill their patients with purpose and premeditation are not doctors but mercenaries. It is medical fact that for an obstetrician a pregnant woman is his patient AND ALSO her living child in the womb. A good doctor does all in his power to make certain that living child is delivered alive and in good health. An abortionist kills the living child/person for pay. A huge difference in goals. What distinguishes an abortionist from a terrorist who preys upon the innocent? Nothing.

I have realized that the deliberate misinterpretation by the wicked of the word "persons" was intended to be a political ploy so the wicked, a handful of unelected persons* could decide who "deserved" the status of a person. The word persons is defined in the English [Winstons] Dictionary as "a human being, as distinguished from a thing or an animal". That definition was available since at least 1946 so in 1973 the US Supreme Court had access to it. Yet, unbelievably the US Supreme Court, the so-called the highest Court in the nation, did not avail themselves of what the average person knew to be true.

Do I oppose abortion? Absolutely, 100% of the time, without apology, without embarrassment, without mincing words, without muddying the waters of speech, I oppose abortion at any age! Let the world know that I stand.speak, write against the wicked concept of killing of innocents as a right, whether they are in the womb or outside the womb, whether they are born in the US, or elsewhere; whether they are white, black, brown, red, olive green of Mediterranean or Arabic regions; whether they are of rich parents or poor; whether their parents are "elite", aristocratic, or no-bodies; whether their parents are American or foreign; whether their parents are educated or ignorant; whether their parents are politically active or apathic; whether their parents are Jew, Muslim, Christian; or no religion; whether their parents are wicked or righteous [The Bible says God does not destroy the children of the wicked];whether their parents are young or old; whether the baby in the womb is hours old or weeks old; and for any reason or any other descriptor anyone is able to think of. Humanity is NOT defined by labels but by human DNA, human substance, human cells, human flesh and blood. Humanity is not defined by age, but by human flesh and blood, human DNA, human cells, human brain. If a person has any of those characteristics that human is a person.A person is a human being and a human being is a person, and that is common knowledge; except to the wicked, who have tried to deceive by perverting the common language of this nation. It is way past time for this nation and every nation who reveres and fears the Name of God, to end abortion as a "right" and relabel it as homicide and punish the guilty. Killing of an innocent must be a crime. God said, and wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill" and that is recorded in Exodus 20:13 and again in Deuteronomy 5:17 and throughout the Bible. Jesus reiterated it when HE said,"even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." [Matthew 18:14]

*Remember the same unelected group, The US Supreme Court, also decided in the Dred Scott decision that black persons were not persons for purposes of the law and expediency of the goals of their agenda, just as they did in the infamous,notorious and wicked decision of Roe v Wade in 1973 in regards to the human being in the womb of the human mother.


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