Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Indeed, why not ban all abortions?

I quote from an article in Townhall, by Terence Jeffrey, entitled "why not ban abortion now?":

"In this Congress, Rep. Duncan Hunter, the California Republican, introduced H.R. 552, the Right to Life Act, which follows through on the platform by defining as a "person" for 14th Amendment purposes "all stages of life, including but not limited to the moment of fertilization or cloning."[end quote]

I agree with Rep Duncan Hunter and I think 99% of bona-fide medical professionals would agree also. Those who kill for pay, abortionists, do not deserve the revered title of "medical doctor" in my professional and Christian opinion. Those who kill their patients with purpose and premeditation are not doctors but mercenaries. It is medical fact that for an obstetrician a pregnant woman is his patient AND ALSO her living child in the womb. A good doctor does all in his power to make certain that living child is delivered alive and in good health. An abortionist kills the living child/person for pay. A huge difference in goals. What distinguishes an abortionist from a terrorist who preys upon the innocent? Nothing.

I have realized that the deliberate misinterpretation by the wicked of the word "persons" was intended to be a political ploy so the wicked, a handful of unelected persons* could decide who "deserved" the status of a person. The word persons is defined in the English [Winstons] Dictionary as "a human being, as distinguished from a thing or an animal". That definition was available since at least 1946 so in 1973 the US Supreme Court had access to it. Yet, unbelievably the US Supreme Court, the so-called the highest Court in the nation, did not avail themselves of what the average person knew to be true.

Do I oppose abortion? Absolutely, 100% of the time, without apology, without embarrassment, without mincing words, without muddying the waters of speech, I oppose abortion at any age! Let the world know that I stand.speak, write against the wicked concept of killing of innocents as a right, whether they are in the womb or outside the womb, whether they are born in the US, or elsewhere; whether they are white, black, brown, red, olive green of Mediterranean or Arabic regions; whether they are of rich parents or poor; whether their parents are "elite", aristocratic, or no-bodies; whether their parents are American or foreign; whether their parents are educated or ignorant; whether their parents are politically active or apathic; whether their parents are Jew, Muslim, Christian; or no religion; whether their parents are wicked or righteous [The Bible says God does not destroy the children of the wicked];whether their parents are young or old; whether the baby in the womb is hours old or weeks old; and for any reason or any other descriptor anyone is able to think of. Humanity is NOT defined by labels but by human DNA, human substance, human cells, human flesh and blood. Humanity is not defined by age, but by human flesh and blood, human DNA, human cells, human brain. If a person has any of those characteristics that human is a person.A person is a human being and a human being is a person, and that is common knowledge; except to the wicked, who have tried to deceive by perverting the common language of this nation. It is way past time for this nation and every nation who reveres and fears the Name of God, to end abortion as a "right" and relabel it as homicide and punish the guilty. Killing of an innocent must be a crime. God said, and wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill" and that is recorded in Exodus 20:13 and again in Deuteronomy 5:17 and throughout the Bible. Jesus reiterated it when HE said,"even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." [Matthew 18:14]

*Remember the same unelected group, The US Supreme Court, also decided in the Dred Scott decision that black persons were not persons for purposes of the law and expediency of the goals of their agenda, just as they did in the infamous,notorious and wicked decision of Roe v Wade in 1973 in regards to the human being in the womb of the human mother.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Remembering those who serve the U.S.A.

Today is Sunday, and Memorial Day for those men and women who have served since the beginning of this nation, in the armed forces, in the militias and the communities to make this nation the land of the free and the home of the brave. The Southern Baptist Church I attend had the most wonderful Memorial for the living men and women; and also for the ones who died while serving or who have since died.The comments by the Pastor rightfully linked their service to the words of Jesus who said, "greater love hath no man than this that he lay down his life for another." Four men and one woman presented the "colors"--the flags of the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marines, while the choir sang the respective anthems for each branch of service. On an overhead projector,were slides-images of the US Capitol, the Statue of Liberty in NY harbor, Arlington National Cemetery, in Virginia with its stark white crosses honoring those who gave their lives; the statue commemorating Iwa Jima and the raising of the US flag there, the monstrous air craft carriers with planes taking off, the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, men in uniform in combat trenches, helicopters airlifting the injured, children crying as their daddies left, to depict the images the nation recognizes as resulting because of military duty.

The US Military has had round the world presence since the nation began if you think about it. The American Revolution involved combat with English and French nations, and the World Wars involved armed conflict with Europe and England, and the Arabic wars involve armed conflict with Arabic nations. The Church service was a way of celebrating America's strengths and blessings from God; and a way of reminding us that service to our nation and to our communities and our families honors God.
As a most wonderful pianist played the national Anthem, America the Beautiful, Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA", and the Battle Hymn of the Republic I felt my heart "swell" with pride --a righteous appreciation is perhaps a better word since "pride" has been hijacked for perversions. The sheer numbers of men and women who have served this nation faithfully and sacrificially since the 1700's and the preparations and backing of the people has made this nation the power it is,and not the Congress or the Supreme Court. The men and women who put their lives on the line for principle are who define this nation, and it is not or was not the government. The Battle Hymn of the Republic's words, "our God is marching on" has always filled me with such a sense of majesty and awe at the thought of God going before us as a nation and me individually, marching on toward the kingdom of God, leading those who will follow HIM. The Battle Hymn of the Republic began during the Civil War and it was the standard of the troops intent on putting down slavery and secession to hold the nation together "under God", and it is always appropriate where the battle is good v evil,right v wrong [as God defines], liberty v bondage.
As the pianist played the "taps" for the memories of those who fell in the line of duty, I remembered the military funeral of my daddy,where the flag that covered his casket was folded and handed to my mother. The tears! Oh my! My tears were streaming down my face as I remembered my daddy--how much he loved the United States, the very soil of it, the people of it, the name of it, the flag. How he took us all to the military fly-over events at Turner Field in Albany Ga when we were young and to make us remember the mighty US military who protected us. The way my daddy loved the United States makes me feel such a sense of duty to do what I am able to do to promote the idea that the United States must continue in righteousness, must be pleasing to God, must stand and be counted for life, truth, liberty and justice for all, peace,-- peaceful means backed up with enormous power, to continue this nation under God.
Let those who scoff at America or Americans, be ashamed today and every day, when they think that Americans are not noble, or are not good, or are not seeking to please God. MOST of Americans are good, and we are a blessed CHRISTIAN nation. I would be the first to admit that there are some scoundrels in the Congress, in the Universities teaching a Godless, secular communism instead of truth of God or liberty, and there are some wicked people in power, and some who buy Legislators and pervert justice. Those wicked must be rooted out and removed from power. They wicked do not represent all of us. Some of us whose hearts soar when we hear the national anthem, and see the US flag waving in the breeze, and see military men and women in crisp uniforms, well disciplined and sharp, know that we are indeed a blessed nation that God HIMSELF has created and sustains by HIS power, and that IF HE ever takes HIS hand off America, that would be a terrible day of wrath for the nation at large.
America is not a land of infidels, not a land of barbarians [except those who kill babies in the wombs of their mothers] not a land of the wicked; precisely because Churches are at liberty to compare the deeds of mere mortal men and women to the deeds of Jesus Christ in order to encourage all of us to be like Jesus, make HIM our role model, seek HIS kingdom and HIS glory. The anti-Christ who is doing all in his wickedness and with his legions of demons to destroy America will not prevail as long as there live here God's people--those believers in the ONE God, who makes all and rules over all, and who reigns "on earth as it is in heaven"; believers who KNOW the words of God and adhere too, live by and teach them.
Here are the members of my family and friends to whom I want to say a public THANK YOU for their duty to the U.S.:
my ancestors in the American Revolution,
my ancestors who served in the Civil War;
my ancestors in World War I,including my mother's father,
my father who was in World War II in the Army;
my brothers who served in the Navy and one who was career Navy;
my daughter who served this nation in the Peace Corps;
my father-in-law who served three "tours" of duty with US Marines;

and to this long time friend of mine, who served in the Navy who lives in Lawrenceville Georgia and knows of my respect for his committment to the US Constitution.

It is my fervent prayer that the goodness and the love of God is what the US military exports around the world, and the knowledge and absolute conviction that good triumphs over evil, and God wins HIS battles; as well as liberty for all.

signed gloria poole pappas

Saturday, May 27, 2006

SFGate: Bloggers can shield sources, court rules/In setback for Apple, Internet journalists are protected by law

This is VICTORY for bloggers and citizen journalists. Thanks to Ellen Lee
for sharing this article with all of us.
This article was sent to you by someone who found it on SFGate.
The original article can be found on here:
Saturday, May 27, 2006 (SF Chronicle)
Bloggers can shield sources, court rules/In setback for Apple, Internet journalists are protected by law
Ellen Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer

In a decision that could set the tone for journalism in the digital age, a
California appeals court ruled Friday that bloggers, like traditional
reporters, have the right to keep their sources confidential.
A panel of three judges said in a 69-page decision that a group of
bloggers did not have to divulge their sources to Cupertino's Apple
Computer Inc., contending that the same laws that protect traditional
journalists, the First Amendment and California's Shield Law, also apply
to bloggers.
Siding with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a high-tech legal group
that had filed the appeal, the judges said that Apple could not force the
bloggers to reveal the identity of the person -- presumably an Apple
employee -- who had leaked details about a digital-music-related project
code-named "Asteroid" to a number of bloggers. The details of the product
release were published on several Web logs, Internet sites commonly
referred to as blogs, including Jason O'Grady's PowerPage, which reports
on Apple news.
"This was a huge win for the First Amendment and for journalists who
publish online," said Lauren Gelman, associate director for Stanford's
Center for Internet and Society, who filed a brief supporting the
Electronic Frontier Foundation. "The court recognized that in the modern
era, one way journalists publish information is through the Internet."
The decision by the state Court of Appeal in San Jose, which reverses a
ruling by the Santa Clara County Superior Court, speaks to changes in the
way news is gathered and published. Anyone with a computer and an Internet
connection can now be a reporter. It also means that information, not
limited by region or resources, can reach far and wide via the Web.
In their ruling, the judges said the online news sites should be treated
as newspapers, television and radio broadcasts are. O'Grady and the other
bloggers, they contended, were acting as traditional reporters and editors
do: developing sources, collecting information and publishing it, albeit
on the Web.
"The shield law is intended to protect the gathering and dissemination of
news, and that is what the petitioners did here," the judges said in the
Apple had initially argued that the bloggers shouldn't be considered
journalists. The maker of the popular iPod digital music player, along
with other Bay Area high-tech companies such as Intel Corp. and Genentech,
also were concerned that the Internet had made it easy for the bloggers to
make their trade secrets public, potentially giving their competitors an
edge and harming their business.
But Kurt Opsahl, an attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said
the companies can still protect their businesses but cannot use reporters
as their first resort to expose a leak.
"The court upheld strong protections for the free flow of information to
the press and from the press to the public," Opsahl said.
In addition, the judges ruled that, in the digital age, bloggers' e-mails
should also be protected, just like a telephone call or written document.
Apple had not sued the bloggers directly but had tried to subpoena their
Internet service provider, which had access to the e-mails sent between
the confidential source and the bloggers. The Electronic Frontier
Foundation, representing the bloggers, intervened.
In the end, the judges made little distinction between online journalists
and traditional journalists.
"Does Walter Cronkite stop being a journalist if he blogs for the
Huffington Post (an online news site)?" Opsahl said. "What makes a
journalist a journalist is not the format. If you're engaged in
journalism, you're a journalist. You have to look beyond the medium
George Riley, an outside attorney representing Apple, declined to comment.
Apple did not return calls for comment. It was not clear whether the
company would appeal.

E-mail Ellen Lee at ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Copyright 2006 SF Chronicle

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Heinous profiteering on the sale of human body parts

From: press office
To: at
Date: May 24, 2006 2:28 PM
(760) 788-6624


The UNITED STATES JUSTICE FOUNDATION (USJF) today announced that it had filed an Amicus (friend-of-the-court) Brief in the case of GONZALES v. CARHART, Case No. 05-380, in the Supreme Court of the United States. The Brief was filed on behalf of California State Assemblyman RAY HAYNES, the TRADITIONAL VALUES COALITION, the CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN ASSEMBLY, and USJF.

The Brief states that during the course of debate on this Bill, in the United States Senate, it was forcefully pointed out, by speeches and by witnesses that a significant reason for the use of the partial birth abortion method, which all competent medical authorities say is never necessary as a procedure, is to harvest body parts for sale. During the course of the hearings on the legislation, an employee of two of the companies that collected from abortion practitioners and sold on the open market fetal body parts, testified. His testimony indicated not only a massive violation of federal law regarding the sale of human body parts, but made clear the greed involved by abortion practitioners who, according to the witness, at times pressured women into having late term abortions, so that they could “harvest” the body parts for sale.

According to USJF Staff Attorney COLETTE WILSON, of Escondido, California, the lead attorney for USJF in this case, “The heinous act of profiteering on the sale of harvested body parts from the murder of innocent, fully developed, children, as they are about to leave the womb, is reminiscent of the murder of millions of Jews during World War II by the Nazis and the subsequent extraction from the bodies of gold teeth and skin, the removal of hair, and any other thing of value from their bodies for sale.”

USJF is a non-profit, conservative, legal action, foundation, now headquartered in Ramona, California. Since its founding in 1979, USJF has been involved in the protection of the unborn as well as the protection of the public from governmental corruption. For more information, please contact USJF at 760-788-6624, or access our Website at


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

IS infanticide a so-called "right" ? NO

I intend for this post to make people think. Thinking is so rare in the US that it seems almost as if has been outlawed. Has it?

Think about this scenario that is one of the big legal events at present:

The US Supreme Court has decided to hear the case in which the US Appeals Court sided with the terrorists organizations of Center for Reproductive Rights in NYC, Planned Parenthood in NYC, and the American Communists Lawyers Union--oops! the American "civil Liberties" union; all radical and infidels. Before you ask why I write that they are infidels, let me answer. They believe that infanticide is the next "right" and they have petitioned the Supreme Court to implement another illegal law in the US to make the killing of nearly-born humans a "right". Does that not turn your stomach? Do you not want to hurl up your breakfast when you read of how taxpayer money supports organizations that kill innocent human beings, babies, FOR PAY are trying to create new wicked and false "rights" such as the "right" to infanticide [aka partial birth "abortion"] ? Planned Parenthood gets paid billions from about that many sources including all levels of government in the pretense of providiing "health care" that is nothing but a concerted and methodical attack against America by destroying its coming generations and its future. The nation that has no children coming along, has NO future! It is common sense. The ACLU, and Center for Reproductive "rights" that is really an abortion propaganda-lawfirm with the mission to force abortion on every woman of every nation that has so far kept the abortion wolf away from the door are taxpayer supported organizations intent on using legal expertize to totally annihilate all the nations' coming generations.

When you realize how wicked the wicked are in the US AND that they have the billions that it seems to take to buy "justice", if you are not bothered deep in your very soul, you are spiritually dead already. I Timothy 6:10 is written, "for the love of money is the root of ALL evil, which while some have coveted after, they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." That Scripture brings me back to my statement that those who kill innocent human beings, whether in the womb or outside it, are infidels. I know they are infidels because the Bible is absolutely clear on the subject and the words are not obscure, or variable in meaning, nor able to be spun to political propaganda. "THOU SHALT NOT KILL' is the Commandment of God who wrote the words in stone, with HIS own hand and gave them to Moses. The monotheistic religions of the Jews, the Muslims and the Christians respect and adhere to the words of God, and therefore those who do not are infidels.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thank you --200 True Hero Patriots in KY

Here is some exciting news*: 200 students defied a Judge's order not to pray, and prayed The Lord's prayer in their graduation ceremony. Doesn't that news thrill your soul? It does mine. They even interrupted the Principal's announcement that they could not pray by Court order with their outloud prayers; and caused the audience to erupt in thunderous applause. True Americans and true Patriots who know their First Amendment rights, I applaud you and thank you from the bottom of my heart! I pray that God will multiply the numbers of students in every school and University who openly defy wicked Judges who want to remove the worship of God and obedience to HIS laws, statues, and Judgements from the US.

If you read the story of Daniel in the Bible, you will see that attempting to prevent the worship of God and the prayers to God from HIS people, has occurred before. In that time in history,a decree was issued that none were "allowed" to pray to the ONE God. Daniel got in front of his window, bowed down and prayed openly, knowing they were watching to trap him, and to defy the order, and then refused to recant his prayer when given the "opportunity". He endured a night in the lion's den and The Lord protected him from destruction. I have always considered that record of events as the instructions of God of what believers should do when the government and its leaders are so wicked that they attempt to punish those who worship God. Do not ever forsake God for anybody or any reason. God is the protection and the defense for those who worship HIM in spirit and in truth.
* From the news article in the Rocky Mountain News today, May 20-th entitled, 'Students defy Judge, pray at graduation".

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Yahoo! News Message Board - How "Daddy" affects your job: psychologist

I sent this message that I wrote on the Yahoo Message Board today in response to the article about daddys affecting children's lives:
I want to share this because I often think that men do not realize just how important they are to their wives and children, and how what they do affects their children for a lifetime. When I was ten years old,my daddy said to me, "go move the big truck to the back yard." He was talking about the big farm truck not the pickup. I had never driven before in my life! I had no knowledge of how too. My heart leaped into my throat and I almost said, "I cannot do that--I don't know how" but my daddy was not the kind of man one could talk back too. I figured the consequences of talking back and refusing to do what he told me were probably a greater risk than driving the truck. So I got the keys, sat in the driver's seat of a truck so big I could hardly touch the brake or acclerator, and I prayed, "Lord, help me please, I have to get this done". I sat there and I worked the gears back and forth trying to figure out how to make it go. At first I couldn't move the gears, that clutch thing, you know.It seemed like I sat there for hours, trying to figure the way to make it go, without turning the key. I noticed the clutch, thinking what is that, maybe it is the solution. I pushed it in, nothing happened, so then I tried pushing it in and moving the gear shift--success. So then I got the courage to turn the key and the truck lurched inch by inch into the back yard. When I went back in the house, hours later, my daddy said,"did you move that truck?" I said "yes Sir, I did." He acted as if it was no big deal, but I had been terrified of killing myself in the truck by accident, or destroying the truck by driving it into the tree that was in the back yard, or not being able to make it go, or any of a dozen events that a child's mind can imagine.
It was an event that totally shaped my life because my daddy let me drive a truck that costs more than $75,000 at the age of ten,when insurance was not mandatory, with absolutely no instruction on how to do it.He had confidence in my intelligence and figured that I would figure it out and he was right. It instilled in me much confidence and courage, become I had learned early on, that given enough perservance I could teach myself almost anything, and succeed.
Years later when my oldest daughter was in college, I told her this and I told her that I was more terrified of failing my daddy, [and causing him to punish me] than of harming myself or the truck. She said to me, "think what his confidence in me had done in my life" and I stopped to reflect on it. My daddy had almost an iron-cast conviction of right and wrong and he never waivered on truth--he was like the rock of Gibraltar in some ways, absolutely unswerving from right as defined by God, not tolerating a permissiveness or tolerance of breaking his laws. My daughters could see how profoundly he shaped all of his children, how his discipline set boundaries for us, so we were not uncertain about what the rules were, or how to please him. It made it much easier for me to also obey the Commandments of God, because God is The FATHER in heaven and HE has rules, and those rules establish the boundaries also.
My daddy died in Dec 2004 and I am still very sad about it. I miss him and his steadfastness. I pray to see him again in heaven some day.
---If you want to read the Yahoo message board, go to, and click on news, find the article listed in the title of this posting, and click on the "discuss" section at the end of the article. There are many postings on this topic from people all over.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Google Groups: You've been invited to choose_life

gloriapoole has invited you to join the choose_life
group with this message:

I know of your work and your writings or websites. I would like for you to
join this group and add your commentary and news to the mailouts. This group
is intended to educate, encourage and edify prolifers around the world, and
persuade the opposing side to come over to the right side of the issue, i.e.
for life for all. Please join the group and begin receiving the messages any
group member posts. I have set the default as a digest email that will send
all new messages in a daily email, but you can edit that setting when you join,
if you like.
Also, please forward this to as many as you like. /s/gloria

Here is the group's description:

A group to desseminate the news on the issues of life to anyone who wants to
sign up. Hopefully, will draw high caliber educated people into the efforts to
stop the killing of innocent human beings when they are most vulnerable i.e.
in the womb. Welcome to all prolife news groups and individuals.

---------------------- Google Groups Information ----------------------

You can accept this invitation by clicking the following URL:

Access to the group on the web requires a Google Account. If you don't have a
Google Account set up yet, you'll first need to create an account before you
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Monday, May 08, 2006

Chamber of Commerce ranks NC Candidates

Published here at the request of Nathan Tabor in NC: as you like, Sir, my pleasure to help:

[Quote]TCV News
Chamber of Commerce Gives Rep. Foxx Poor Rating as Conservative

by Jim Kouri - While touting her conservative credentials in her district,
US Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) received a 78 rating from the US Chamber of
Commerce. The organization rates lawmakers based on their voting record on
business and commerce issues.

While Foxx lists her rating on her website, she doesn't display the ratings
of her fellow Republicans from North Carolina.

For example, Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), who was elected at the same time
as Foxx, enjoys an 89 rating as does Rep. Robin Hayes. Also from North
Carolina, GOP Rep. Sue Myrick received an 87 rating from the Chamber of
Commerce. Other Republicans were Rep. Charles Taylor (85), Rep. John Coble
(78) and Rep. Walter Jones (58), the only Republican with a lower rating
than Foxx.

However, the Beer Wholesalers PAC did endorse Foxx, but did not endorse her
fellow North Carolina Republican McHenry.[end quote]

I don't know about you all, but I did not realize that the Chamber of Commerce ranks politicians, but what a marvelous idea! The truth of the matter is that what is generally good for business, particularly small business, is good for America, and those politicians adverse to business, generally favour socialism that promotes the idea that governments should control all assets and redistribute wealth. You KNOW I am a true republican believing it is NOT the function of any government in the US to redistribute assets, or conduct intergenerational transfers of wealth [Soc Security impoverishes the child-bearing age groups for the sake of the advanced age groups].I have much interest in NC politics since I lived there and also have a UNC-Chapel Hill alum daughter. Nathan Tabor publishes the conservative news and commentary, and I agree with much of what he writes.
FYI, Nathan Tabor is running for office, and I wish him the blessings of God as he seems to be a prolifer. I pray that God in HIS wisdom puts prolifers with a determined goal of ending the abortion holocaust, at every level of government in every State or federal election; and removes the proaborts from power!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hey, y'all, I am still alive, still thankful to God

Hey, y'all! I am still here on the earth--haven't died or forsaken my work. I have been extraordinarily caught up in the legal system lately. Here is one thing I have realized that acutely affects the issues of life for the innocents in the womb. The innocent in this country are not necessarily protected by the US Constitution to the same degree that the criminal indicted by a Grand Jury would be. A lawyer told me years ago that the civil liberties of the Amendments were for the guilty only, as interpreted by most lawyers and Judges. That should shock you, because it is the absolute duty of any level of government to protect the innocent. In fact, that is the only real purpose of any government and the purpose of militaries,and fleets on the seas, and Armed Forces, and spy networks. However, what has happened in the US, that began with the Roe infamous and illegal decision by the US "Supreme" * Court, was the innocents were relegated to a second class status behind the wicked. Think about it. The wicked woman who wants to kill her own offspring is indeed one of the most wicked persons that could ever exist in the human realm. There is no more heinous a crime than that crime of a mother killing an innocent baby to make her own life so-called "better", [their justification for abortion & not mine].
I have discovered just how entrenched the false doctrine of civil-liberties-at-the- whim-of-the-"supremes" is when I was sued falsely for a debt I never in any way contracted for, and have to countersue to get relief. The mere fact that I never contracted in writing or verbally, or by performance for the debt, or had ever applied to contract for the debt, did not prevent me from having to go to Court numerous times to explain myself and state my defense & objections, and provide evidence, and go on record protecting my name and reputation. The premise that the innocent have to somehow defend their right to exist happened when the Roe decision was perverted.** thus redefining the concept of government from one that protects the innocent to one that attempts to appease the wicked while tromping on the innocents.
__* God is the SUPREME Judge and says HE judges the Judges.
**I use the word perverted there because it twisted judgement and did not follow any Constitutional law at all, and had absolutely NO precedence either in the US or in the English common law, generally recognized around the world. Any government that allows the killing of nearly an entire class of humans [nearly 60 MILLION preborn] at the whim of another class of humans [some selfish & wicked pregnant women] is a very wicked government. Remember that fact when you wonder why the US is coming apart at the seams. It is written that God avenges the innocent blood so do not deceive yourselves about that Judgement Day coming to the US.