Monday, May 09, 2005

Is your computer watching and listening to you?

Today I found these files on my computer: filtercontent, filteractivity, filterencryption, filteropenfile, filterquota, filterreplication, filtercompression,filtersystem, filtertop, filterundelete, add1, change1, drivermaincontrol, processorcontrol, errorcontrol, inheritmaxsession,inheritautologon, emulateddevice,disablefirmware,logondisabled,dummy, denyconnection,watchdog with file "shutdown", auditbasicobjects, disabledomaincreds,forceguest,fullprivilegeauditing,limitblankpassword,clearpage,nonpage,
agentcommand,voiceenabled,dontshow, dontwrite,agentconfiguration,countfiles,silentreinstall,notify,delayuser,chiprevision,autoalias,
ignorehwserver,portdelay,sendalert,longondisable,disableclip, disableencryption,inheritreconnect,
stomplastaccess,crashdumpenabled,maxwordslist, maxfilesize,maxpendingdocument,flags,
filters, many files for a variety of cameras when I have no camera set up on my computer, devicemask,distantvoiceenabled,inheritmaxsession,dsapphackid,disablefirmware,crashonaudit,
everyoneincludes,mirrordriver,filterperformance !!!

Does this shock you? These files are truly representative of someone or something attempting to control my work and photograph it, and enable every word I say in the immediate vicinity to be recorded without my knowledge or consent. I knew something was going on but the magnitude of real spy efforts [not about collecting marketing data], but government snooping and for what reason? For a while now, I realized that somehow the software programs I am using were changing the content on my blogs by adding random letters sometimes at the end of a word and sometimes in the middle, and also changing a letter to make the word appear mispelled. There is also some method of the software censoring whole articles to prevent publication. Read more of that in the Editor's articles,

I hope this upsets the whole computer owning population ! And that the citizens demand the liberty of freedom of press, speech and religion without "Big Brother" watching you through your computer.


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