Sunday, April 24, 2005

Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare

According to the Forbes digital news and the, news the US government has a group of expert hackers that are supposedly to protect the Dept of Defense from attack, but I believe it has been abused and used to exert control on the efforts of prolifer and Republicans to publish news. The group called the Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare [CJFCCNW] was admitted in a Senate Armed Forces Committee meeting last week, though they did not admit to hacking into the computers of citizens. Capt Damien Pickart a Stratcome spokesman said, 'the DoD is capable of mounting an offensive CNA [computer network attack]. The group can penetrate computers. set loose worms to "take down" or control computers and otherwise prevent computer access by anyone anywhere in the world apparently.

Now I want to say that this news only solidifies what I already had figured out. Last year when I was writing as a Registered Nurse [and I am licensed in Co and other places] defending in every way possible the right to life for the preborn humans and in so doing, "attacking" the Kerry death to the preborn machinery that now Hillary has inherited supposedly, I had constant and unrelenting trouble with my computer. Even this blogspot just recently kept me off line for eleven days because they did not like my words written. But back to the point --the government hackers are hacking into private computers of prolifers and Republicans, I am sure. During the failed Kerry attempt to socialize the nation last year, several Republican and prolife news networks were knocked off line just prior to the election. I know because I read comment after comment about it from several groups simultaneously and I also experienced constant unrelenting problems with my computer. I am also convinced that Microsoft is the tool of choice to control the private computers and that is why the US Dept of Justice tried to undo them, but in the end just ended up making a pact with them for government control of all info collected by Microsoft.

Now I can tell you a lot from personal work experience because I use my computer extensively to write against the killing of the innocents in their mothers' wombs. Killing of innocents aka abortion is the twin pillars of the Demoncrats, that party of the devil. That false right to kill one's offspring when they are the most vulnerable, [in the womb] along with another false "right" to sodomize that they are tryng to implement through control by way of judicial activism and Demoncrat Judges who never read the US Constitution, is the only agenda/ mantra the Demoncrats have! If however, you wrote such words during the campaign run-up to the general election last year, you probably suffered mysterious outages of power like just happened in Denver two nights ago when every dsl line in Denver was down for hours. And you probably suffered "worms" and "trojans' and "viruses" all coming from the Demoncrat's stronghold of evil in the US Senate. I wrote this last year and this year also, [Read my online publishing Editor's Page at
about writing opposing the efforts by the FEC to regulate bloggers and the software deleted my writing THREE times with no explanation whatsoever! Other tactics the Demoncrats used in the past to attempt to silence, chill, frustrate my words were to divert pages of my url's to other websites I had never seen before and had no connection with and to insert code/script into my metatag headers so the web crawlers could not find the blogs and to delete my headings,and to mispell words attempting to make me look ignorant, and to pervert my words with p-o-r-n and other ungodly things like p-o-k-e-r --two things I have always opposed and always will! Some rotten person put ads for p-o-r-n on every website I had last year via earthlink in a way to get my words censored or damage my reputation but earthlink helped me and corrected it quickly in 24 hours time and put better security on my sites,and I thank them. My comments capability was flooded with ads for illegal d-r-u-g-s [these are spelled to prevent spybots from concluding I am promoting evil!] and and s-e-x-u-a-l trafficking when I have never searched for any such thing in my life. One popular program "hid" my blog because it did not like the words and another made entry into it nearly impossible for me but apparently not for their employees who deleted two or three of my postings for no reason, no profanity in my words, no evil, no threats except maybe to the Demoncrat's winning and their attempt to socialize America and maintain their baby-killing-and-chopping-slicing-dicing-"biotech"money-making evil and dividends. Are the US Senators evil enough to do these things via their Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare? I say they are and they "attack" not terrorists but prolifers and Republicans to prevent the prolife message from getting to the people. Some of those Senators are the most wicked anywhere and make Al Qaeda look like a nice guy comparatively, since he only attacked adults old enough to work and not BABIES!


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