Saturday, April 02, 2005

Homosexuality is an abomination, [God's words]

I am a Registered Nurse, of many years. Anyone who knows of my work and writings, knows that. It is also public record. That effort to go to nursing school, learn sciences, anatomy & physiology, human development and all that leads to a comprehension of the human body, including upclose and personal contact with human body cavity contents while holding retractors as a First Assistant in the Operating Room, have shaped and molded my beliefs and my actions. There are certain political thoughts that are so perverse, so out of the ordinary use of the human body that God Himself labeled them abomination. The English dictionary defines abomination as "excessive hatred or disgust [from God], that which excites loathing; anything vile or hateful; used especially of something offensive to aesthetic, moral and religious ideas," and lists synonyms as shameful, a nuisance. You may ask where does God speak on this issue? And the answer is Leviticus 18:22 and Romans chapter one. Leviticus 18:22 is written, to men, "thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination." Romans chapter one includes both men and women in its prohibition of abusing themselves with the same sex and it tells the outcome of such idolatry. It is idolatry because the ones who do such things think they are greater, and more wise than God and they worship themselves. Exodus 20 makes it plain what happens to those who worship false gods I encourage you to read the Scriptures, they will not mislead you. You should think of my words as that mx kind of thing on domains, that points you in the right direction.

Why has this come up again? When is the US once and for all going to stomp on the head of that old serpent the devil and crush him in the ground? And when are those who promote such evil, such idolatry, such abomination going to connect the dots and realize that teaching sin as a "right" will destroy the individuals who do those things and also the nation. If you doubt it, read about Sodom and Gomorrha in the Bible --how God destroyed them for their wicked, depraved minds and deeds,how HE just sent fire and brimstone from heaven and leveled the entire cities. You do not have to necessarily have the wisdom of God to figure out why homosexuality would stink to God's nostrils. If you have the ability to think and reason, then follow the logic: since God created men and women and HE gave one of them male parts and one of them female parts, and then HIS very first Commandment to the only humans was [and still is], "be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it, and have dominion" [Genesis 1:28] , then you can figure out why homosexuality offends God so much. Those folks cannot reproduce, they cannot be fruitful and multiply because they don't have the necessary combination of parts that work together. It is like having two sockets, but not plug, or two plugs but no socket! It does not work. Even animals as low a form of life as they are, do not do such deeds!

Of course, Romans chapter one discusses how the reprobate mind comes about, how it is a result of God washing His hands of someone, when He has given up on the person and just abandoned the person to depravity and reprobate thinking and death in the end, and not just physical death but spiritual death, the second death which is hell.

I thought about all this again when I read the LifeSite news today and read of the Bishop in Calgary, Canada who has been persecuted, belittled, sued, aggravated, provoked, harassed by the homosexuals for his Bible teachings. I decided to take a stand again on this issue and make my knowledge and wisdom from God known. Bishop Henry said, "Freedom of religion and freedom of speech are foundational, and if we're to have an honest debate in society, all the voices have to be heard, including that of the churches. I think I'm owed an apology for putting me through this rigmarole of harassment and intimidation and attempt to silence me." Thank goodness leaders in the Jewish, Islamic, Sikh, and Mormons have come forward backing his right to religious beliefs and speech.

We citizens have the right to religious beliefs guaranteed by the First Amendment. We have the right to believe God's words and teach them.We have the right to participate in public debates, forums, office, TV, publications, email systems, any and every tool known to mankind to publish and broadcast the truth of God. I am one that intends on doing that in every way that is possible and I am not going to back down one iota either. I did not pay attention to what denomination that Bishop is but let me say for the record that I am not catholic but Southern Baptist in my doctrine since they adhere closely to the Bible. I have to say that from time to time since some people assume since I am prolife that I am catholic. I have never been catholic and never will be! Their focus is not on Jesus the Saviour, Messiah, but I acknowledge the fact that Constitutionally they are as entitled to their freedom of beliefs, thoughts and words, as I am, but I do not accept their doctrine in any way. There is idolatry and worship of man [Pope and apostles] and things made by human hands ["icons" which is another word for idols] in those churches. I am glad however that some have begun to denounce homosexuality in that 'church' since that issue has nearly destroyed that 'church' and its huge bank account.


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