Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Prodeath Judge James W is no Saviour for Terri!

Well, didn't you just know it ? The whole pretense of Congress rushing madly about in their melodramatic attempts to appear to be doing something to save Terri Schiavo from death by Court order, has been shown up for what it was--an empty promise to the Schindlers and the nation! The sorry good for nothing Congress KNEW what they were doing--pretending to care while at the same time hedging their bets that the Federal Judge they handpicked would undo their efforts to "save" Terri. The whole farce just turns my stomach, does it have that effect on you? There is an innocent woman Terri Schiavo who has already endured some kind of event at her house years ago, of very suspicious nature, and survived it. And she has already endured years of efforts of her adultering husband to put her to death, and survived it. And she has survived two previous removals of her feeding tube! Now we all have to pray that God will supernaturally feed her and teach her to swallow again and get up and walk out of that death trap! Let us all pray that God will show HIMSELF strong on behalf of Terri and flaunt the laws of the wicked to their face!

In a way, that is precisely what George Greer and James Whittmore have done! They have flaunted the pretend law that created no new substantive right for Terri or anyone else. They have mocked Congress and they know it! The question is, does Congress know it? Or are they all so nearly "brain dead" themselves that they cannot see the truth. The house divided against itself cannot stand. "And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand. And if satan cast out satan he is divided against himself, and how shall then his kingdom stand?" Matthew 12:25-26. Well, we all know one thing in this case--satan and the demoncrats are not a house divided against itself. It is the prolifers or should I say the pretend prolifers who are a house divided against itself! The demoncrats in Florida are all about death and the demoncrats in the US Senate are all about death too, and the "judge" George Greer, he is all about death too, and now add to the boiling cauldron of evil, the federal Judge James Whittemore who is all about death and stir it all together and you have the makings of Nazi America! That federal Judge was so outrageously cynical that he did not even bother to hear the evidence or the facts before he made up his tiny wicked mind. But who is shocked by his wicked decision? Was he not appointed precisely because he could be trusted to vote against human life in the abortion debate? Wasn't he the "poster boy" for Bill Clinton that year in Bill's death to the preborn campaign of extremism and national suicide? When a man is appointed Judge because he believes in killing the innocent as a "right" should anyone act shocked when it turns out he also believes in killing the born innocents as well?

Well, the house divided United States is the ununited states for certain! The majority of people polled by the prodeath organizations voted thumbs down to Terri just like Caesar did in the ancient Roman amphitheaters when it was the Christians v the lions. Now the Caesars of this age, voted a thumbs down to Terri too, but it "ain't over yet"! God is still God and thank goodness, and I am asking HIM to do something. When God does something, HE does it well! So watch and pray with all like Christians that the demons are defeated and the prodeaths are set aside by God and never allowed to make law in this nation again and that Terri is saved by God's own hand!!


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