Sunday, March 13, 2005

Orphans tell how parents gave blood, got AIDS

Orphans in Henan, China, are finally speaking out to tell how their parents sold blood to raise money and then contracted AIDS as a result of improperly cleaned equipment, and then died. The transmission of AIDS is known to occur through the blood and body fluids of those infected; yet even in the US, the selling of blood is legal and is often done especially in inner cities. I have no doubt their story is true because I was once the Assistant Manager for a Plasma Center in the U S, and watched as the nurses, usually LPN’s or “techs, questioned the blood donors and just took the word of those who reeked of alcohol and other drugs, that they were “clean”. I saw no efforts to sterilize equipment. Those two events so turned me against it and the whole idea of the buying of human blood from any donor, that I did not work long there. The whole thing became repulsive to me!

The story of the orphans is similar. I urge you to read it for yourself at:, article entitled, “China: Henan Orphans Finally Speak Out’ by Antoaneta Bezlova, for the Inter Press News [IPS].

IPS news at


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