Saturday, March 05, 2005

Open Letter to UAE, Saudi Arabia's Kings & people

Please intervene to secure the release of Vivian Gilmer and Marie Bush, who were detained in Dubai,UAE, for distributing Bibles . I am certain since the Embassy is located in Washington, DC, the Ambassadors have had occasion to hear Christian teaching and be familiarized to a degree with what the Bible is. The word of God written down is not a threat to any nation, and the Qu'ran says to respect the "people of the Book". Those two American women are trying to serve the Lord just as the Muslim people are seeking to know and please Al-lah. Al-lah is the Arabic word for the word, God, is it not? The Christians, Jews and Muslims all worship the same God! We Christians are not the enemies of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, or any Arabic people. We love the Lord too! There may be many names for The Lord from different tongues and different ways of detailing HIS nature and character but there is only ONE God. Jesus said, "I and The FATHER are one" Jesus is the human embodiment of the spirit of God, and the HOLY Spirit of God is the breath, force, power of God. It is as if an Ambassador is an Ambassador in the US from Saudi Arabia or UAE, but when he is in his own country, he may be a husband, father, brother, son, Imam, --there are several roles, names if you will for the same person. So it is with God! We Christians worship the ONE God, we are not infidels! At least the true Christians are not. Those who serve and bow down to idols are not true Christians according to God's words. Please, Sirs, I plead with you to release the women who have done no harm to your people. Knowing the words of God will not harm any nation, and the Muslims say and broadcast that they serve the true God and seek to please HIM! IF that is so, then you must release the women who are being held hostage by having their passports confiscated while awaiting trial.Sirs, what will you try them for??LOVING GOD? And wanting others to love God and serve Him and know HIM? Sirs, surely that must not be a crime in any nation where God's name is revered, and held to be sacred! Please secure the release of all Christians and give Muslim protection to the people of the BOOK, as your prophet instructed. We Christians are people of the Book--the written words of God.
/signed gloria poole pappas, for words that WORK


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