Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Kansas is regulating abortion clinics!

Kansas bill 2503 has passed the Kansas House and Senate and is waiting on the Gov Kathleen Sebelius to sign it. The bill, sponsored by State Rep Peggy Long-Mast, passed the Senate by a vote of 27-12 and has already passed the House vote last week. This bill puts abortion clinics under the Regulation of the Kansas Dept of Health and Environment according to the Kansas City Star news. It also requires that abortionist report injuries and deaths to the Health Dept. IF abortion is going to be legal, it needs to be regulated just as all ambulatory and operating rooms are and reviewed annually or more often as needed by State review teams for compliance.

Of course, I am 100% opposed to killing of innocents, and I fervently believe that killing is never a right but a sin against God, whether the person is Terri Schiavo or innocents in their mother's wombs. The US cannot become Nazi America but unless people begin to wake up to the truth, that is a risk! Nazi doctors also killed and with the "legal" protection of SS troops! Is that your vision for America? It is not mine! So I write for life.

For more on the topic of Terri Schiavo, visit The Post It news at http://postitnews.com/ and click on the big blue square, Prolife Activst. Thanks.

signed, gloria


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