Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Just me being me!

Hey y'all,

I am just writing this for fun. I need to do that once in a while, and today is the day. Today was a beautiful day in Denver,and I went on a walkabout. I was tempted to go window-shopping too, but didn't . I decided that the kind of things I spend money on now, are so much more important than my own time-soaking-up activity. There are a very few shops that I like to go too because now I have this huge need to "save the world", a friend told me once and I work so much on the causes. When I see something I like at all I think, well do I "need" that? That being whatever it was I was thinking of buying. Of course, once I think that way, the pleasure of just shopping for fun evaporates. So I stayed on task for today, as they would say in some circles.

I met people on the train and they were friendly! I was surprised. I have ridden the Light Rail train intermittently since coming to Denver, but almost never does anyone make efforts to talk to those not in their group. They board in clumps and they chat among themselves but friendliness is not one of the characteristics of Denver people. Maybe it is my Southern accent that puts them off? I do sound different everyone tells me. No doubt! But today, I was sitting sort of in a clump of realtors and they were friendly! And they didn't seem shocked when I responded but pleased! I like to talk but sometimes people seem anxious if I do, and occasionally they will ask where I am originally from? I guess social amenities either never were in Denver, or they went the way of the high security, paranoia of the times we live in.


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