Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Computerized Med System increases errors!

Here is some more evidence of how dangerous hospitals have become. According to a study in the Journal of American Medical Association [JAMA] entitled, "Role of Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems in Facilitating Medication Errors" by Ross Koppel,PhD, et al *, the use of computers have made medication errors in hospitals worse, not better! The use of computers was widely acclaimed in recent years as being the replacement for human nurses' intellect and oversight in the dispensation of medicines in hospitals. Now, researchers are finding that the drug errors are multiplied by the administration via computer. This study discovered that the computer facilitated 22 different types of medication errors and that some of the errors were repetitive--the computers were programmed incorrectly and the wrong dose given over and over. Well, computer programmers know that GIGO model=garbage in, garbage out! The output of computers is only as good as the programmers! If the attitude of hospital staff is that they are just there drawing their paycheck or indifference or worst outright hostility to human life, then the attitude of 'who cares?' prevails. In that situation, computers are dangerous, because they lack the human ability to eyeball the patient and listen and observe that human nurses have. When the focus is on the armband with computerized information that is scanned with a wand, instead of looking at the patient, talking to the patient, listening to the patient, then patient care deteriorates and can become deadly. This is my professional opinion and it is clearly stated in my words from my observations of years as a Registered Nurse. It is also the opinion of other professionals. The study cited said some doctors reported similar drug errors on their patients week after week. The same study writes that 770,000 in the US were killed or injured by adverse drug events [ADEs in some reports in some morbidity and mortality reports]. Hospitals hide these errors and doctors report them in some Journals but in such ways that the public may not recognize the truth of them.

I want you all to understand that if you are a hospital patient or know someone who is, and they are getting medications be alert, pay attention, ask questions, refuse any questionable medicines, and do not look to drugs to be the answer. Healing is from God, not drugs! Drugs are as likely to harm you as help you in some situations. Do not look to the Big Pharma or Big Biotech companies to save you. The "raw material" of some drugs is so awful being made from contaminated "cell lines" of human flesh and blood that even if the right drug by doctor's order is given, it can be very wrong for you! The idea that eternal life comes from a bottle of pills is not only bad human doctrine and atheism, but insanity in light of the evidence to the contrary.

*Researchers and authors of the study are: Ross Koppel, PhD;
Joshua P Metlay, MD,PhD; Abigail Cohen, PhD; Brian Abaluck BS, A Russell Localio, JD, MPH, MS; Steven E Kimmell, MD, MSCE, Brian L Strom, MD, MPH. Study in the JAMA Journal, 2205; 293: 1197-1203, Vol 293, MNO 10, March 9,2005.


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