Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Thank God for La Quinta Inns & Rep Matt Bartle.

The La Quinta Inn hotel chain has ended a commercial arrangement between one
of its hotels and the late term abortion facility of George Tiller. The Wichita La Quinta Inn offered discounts to women arriving from as far away as Canada, for abortions at George Tiller's
abortion facility and rented rooms to Tiller's staff so that they could
provide monitoring and follow-up after abortions had been carried out. La Quinta Corporate office investigated and disassociated themselves from Tiller's abortuary and told him
that he may not use the hotel chain's name in
literature or on his website. [ from, 1 February]

Other news affecting life:

According to the International Rescue Committee, 3.8 million people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the war started in August, 1998, and there are 31,000 more deaths monthly. Per alertnet of Reuters. Please pray that the killing will end!!

Missouri Lawmakers held their first discussions to ban all forms of human cloning. The Bill is sponsored by Rep Matt Bartle and has the support of the Missouri Right to Life. Pam Fichter of the Missouri Right to Life said, “we are very aware that the biotech people are out there, and they are trying to cloud the issue and distort the language of the issue.”

According to the Equal Opportunity Commission, 30,000 women have been discriminated against or had to leave their jobs because of being pregnant. First reported in the BBC news Feb 2, and again in the SPUC news, Feb 2,2005. It seems instead of equalizing the playing field abortion has created a discriminatory standard that if a woman wants to advance in her career, she must be willing to abort. Is that how you read this news? The easy availability of abortion has resulted in women who are pregnant or want to be pregnant not being considered hireable. That is another documented bad outcome of the liberal abortion laws.

The Heidi Group, a Christian, evangelical, not for profit organization found that 90% of women who visited religiously run pregnancy centers decided to continue their pregnancies when they saw their babies on ultrasound. There was an article in the New York Times on Feb 2, 2005 about this topic. The Southern Baptist Convention and the Focus on the Family groups are raising money to put ultrasound equipment in every pregnancy center.

Here are excerpts from a previous article on this topic,
"Psalm 139 Project shows mothers why they shouldn't abort" by Dwayne Hastings & Erin Curry
June 14, 2004, [quoted]

INDIANAPOLIS (BP)--Of all the things Southern Baptists were expecting to see on the exhibit floor of the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting, an unborn baby was probably not on their list.

Yet visitors at the Psalm 139 Project booth in the SBC exhibit hall are able to view images of an ultrasound being conducted live. To promote the project's effort to provide ultrasound equipment to eligible pregnancy care centers, sonographers are conducting ultrasound examinations on pregnant women in the booth, with the images broadcast on a large video screen.

The images of the woman's unborn baby are accompanied by the sonographer's commentary. The exam itself is conducted behind a curtain within the exhibit. In fact, a woman discovered in the booth June 14 that she is expecting two babies instead of one. A sonogram done on the exhibit floor showed identical twins holding hands inside her womb.

The Psalm 139 Project, administered by the SBC's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, seeks to create an awareness of the value of ultrasound technology in crisis pregnancy situations and to provide a way for individuals to give to a fund that places ultrasound machines in qualified pregnancy care centers.

"If wombs had windows, people would be much more reticent to abort babies because they would be forced to confront the evident humanity of the baby from very early gestation onward," ERLC President Richard Land said, noting sonograms provide a "window into the womb."

"Pregnant mothers who see their babies on sonograms are going to be far more likely to carry their baby to term," Land added. "Ultrasound machines save babies' lives. [end quote]. If you are willing to donate either money or ultrasound machines please contact either Southern Baptist Convention or Focus on the Family, or just donate it directly to the pregnancy center in your community.

Also please do not go see the movie, Million Dollar Baby, produced by Clint Eastwood. According to Micheal Medved. it is a movie promoting euthanasia for the handicapped, and calling the man who violates all laws by killing the injured woman, a "hero". Medved said the movie is "insufferably manipulative" and "shamelessly overrated" and "misleadingly marketed."


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