Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Hallelujah, Major victory!

I am so happy that I am shouting hallelujah Jesus! The Wonderful House of Delegates of the State of Virginia has passed a bill requiring that abortionists meet the same standards as Ambulatory Surgery Centers if the abortionist does 25 or more abortions per year. The bill was sponsored by Delegate Jack Reid, a Republican from Henrico,God bless him! He told the Associated Press, "If we are in fact going to have legal abortions in the state of Virginia we have a responsibility to see that they are performed in as sterile and as safe an environment as possible, and that is the intent of this legislation.[end quote] This bill is something I have promoted in Virginia and also in Georgia, and Colorado, and on the federal level. As a Registered Nurse it has always infuriated me that in the past 31 years history of abortion as a [false] right, abortionists had to meet no standards for quality assurance, infection control, or tracking of complications or infection that every surgeon in the US must meet. That was an intentional effort by groups such as NARAL and Planned Parenthood to deceive the public by skewing the statistical data on abortions including the deaths of women and the life changing adverse effects of them, by not requiring abortionists to meet JCAHO standards or Ambulatory Surgery standards or even State Health Dept standards.
Now this day that has changed, and Thanks be to God for His infinite mercy. Now maybe the idea that women when they have surgery should be able to count on the State's certfication process to decide which "practioner" is safe and which is not. Of course, I do not believe that abortion is a safe procedure--it is invasive, destructive surgery, how could it be safe? But at least, if the abortionists have to follow the generally accepted standards of doing physical exams and obtaining medical histories PRIOR to the woman jumping on the operating table; and having to deal with the woman's medical problems to manage them so they are not life-threatening when coupled with powerful and potentially lethal drugs via the anesthesiologist or anesthetist, then maybe the lives of the women at least will be saved. If the abortionist has to have emergency medical equipment and a trained staff just like an Ambulatory Surgery Center has to have, then emergencies can be dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner instead of what is the current practice for most abortionists--calling 911, waiting on the ambulance to arrive, transporting the patient to the hospital emergency room, often in another city or state, to prevent having to record the complications or death of the woman, and then attempting to misrepresent the case to the Emergency Room physician on call, and then waiting until the round of tests are completed so the Emergency Room doctor can really figure out what happened, and then finally treating the woman. Oh, I despise abortionists. They are the scum of the earth. Hanging would be too good for them.

Also, back to the Virginia news...Delegate Robert Marshall said that 18 out of 20 abortion "clinics" in Virginia would not meet the standards and that would be great because then they could not operate literally! Their license as a medical establishment would be in jeopardy. That would be very good news. If the killing center could not kill babies for a while, what a wonderful bit of news that would be for all the human race, for Virginia, for the continuity of the nation, and the future and for those called by God's name. Also, Delegate Marshall said, "back alley abortions have moved to Main Street wtih the permission of the state government. This bill establishes standards. "

Also, more good news! Some Oregon citizens have started a new group, Life Support, that has announced its intention to Churches, Legislators, and the public that they intend to challenge the use of taxpayer's funds to pay for abortion. According to the Oregon Dept of Human Services division of Medicaid, they paid for 8,150 abortions in the past two years breaking the federal law against using Medicaid money or federal taxpayer's money to pay for, refer for, counsel for abortion. David Brownlow the Director of Life Support said, he believes "it is unconscionable to ask taxpayers to foot the bill for child-killing, either by surgical or chemical means." Sen Gary George, Republican of Newberg, said he intends to bring the issue to a vote, saying, "we intend to make a big issue of it."

Other states that should sit up and take notice are California, who uses their Medi-cal in violation of federal laws, Hawaii, Montana, and Washingon, who all use federal taxpayer money to pay for abortions, an elective surgery to kill/" terminate" a living human being. Is it ever the duty of any level of good government to kill the citizens? I say emphatically, NO it is not! God said, thou shalt not kill period. Thou shalt not kill anybody! It is written in Exodus 20:13 and God wrote it in stone with His own hands the first time it was handed down to the people! Nothing has changed. Good people and good governments do not kill the innocent.

There is also a Medical doctor who is a most powerful speaker on this subject and his name is Dr. Patrick Johnston of the Physicians for Life. I heard him speak at the Colorado March for Life and it was a wonderful declaration of truth and life. They have a website, check them out. www.physiciansforlife.com/ { or dot org.}


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