Friday, February 25, 2005

AG Kline seeking to protect minors in Kansas

From Tony Perkins, Washington Update:

[quote]Re: Kansas AG Phil Kline, God Bless him!:
Attorney General Kline is attempting to obtain records that show that 78 children under the age of 14 underwent abortions in 2003 in that state. In Kansas, sexual intercourse with a child 14 years of age or younger is a crime--either aggravated indecent liberties with a child, or child rape. Currently, the mainstream media are having a field day misreporting this story as an assault on privacy. Attorney General Kline is conducting the search in a way that protects the children's privacy. He is going after those who would take advantage of and sexually assault young children.

Attorney General Kline explained the situation much better than any reporter has so far when he stated, "The child's privacy is always protected--you never see the name of the child victim in the paper, and no one has the right to rape or victimize a child or women, whether in private or public. There are two things child predators want: access to children and secrecy, and, as Attorney General, I am bound and determined to not give them either. The child's privacy is always protected, and the clinics should not act to protect the secrecy of the predator."[end quote]

The only reason I care about the following news tidbit, since I would not be Democrat in ANY circumstance is that it reveals that they are all lying through their teeth when they say they are seeking "common ground" or a "more centrist position" on the issue of abortion--of course we all knew that, but here is some evidence of it from the "horse's mouth". I admit I was tempted to say from the donkey's mouth, but decided I should be "nice".

from article in LifeSite news, feb 25,2005 about Howard Dean and Demos:
Words spoken by Howard Dean about the Democratic party “Howard Dean’s Plan” and written down by blogger, "raccoon” on Sounding the Trumpet blog on Feb 23,2005:

He said that the Democrat party's position on abortion would not change. Democrats instead should be very subtle; they should change what words they use, and in most cases just try to ignore the issue. He said that he hated that Americans like to call the Democrat party the pro-abortion party. He did at least twice say that he though everyone agreed that abortion was bad, but that a women should be able to decide about her own health-care.

Dean always talked like he assumed that no women would choose abortion, because it was bad, but it was up to them, and they should come to that decision themselves. Should murder become legal, because we think that people should be able to make a wise decision themselves? [end quote]
You can read "raccoon's " article at:


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