Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Thank yous to these Honorable people...

So many people have done and are doing great things and need public affirmation of that. I know that because my own work has often created much controversy, and little praise. So let me publicly say a Thank you to these people:

President George W. Bush for publicly asking people to help the tsunami relief efforts.

South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds for saying he will sign the bill that makes all abortions illegal in his state, and for saying, "if it saves lives, which is what our goal is, I would feel morally obligated to sign the bill", and also, "I'd like to see Roe v Wade repealed." [Me too, and I just pray, Dear God, let that happen!] Info from LifeNews Jan 4,05, article, "South Dakota Governor would sign Legislation making abortion illegal".

Steve Jalsevac, Editor of LifeSitenews.com, for his powerful letter he wrote and emailed to his readers about the importance of the prolife efforts and the results of it. That letter is one of the most persuasive I have ever read.

Dr.George Isajiw, of Physicians for Life, for opposing the inclusion of "emergency contraception" which is really a chemical abortion in the medical protocals for rape treatment, and for these words of his, re: EC, "you're giving a dangerous drug that's not doing any good, or you're causing an abortion. ...As a moral principle, a woman has the right to defend herself against an aggressor, but she doesn't have the right to kill the baby." First reported by McCullough, Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/31/04 and again by Illinois Federation of Right to Life on 1/3/05 in article, "DOJ omits Emergency Contraception from Sexual Assault Treatment Guidelines".

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for chastising the makers of Seasonale, a contraceptive, that has underreported the excessive bleeding that women experienced. The FDA letter said in part, "the risk information that is presented in the ad is minimized by the compelling visuals, fast paced scene changes, and other competing modalities, such as background music, and SUPERs, occurring simultaneously during the presentation of risk information in the TV ad. This complex presentation distracts from and makes it difficult for consumers to process and comprehend important risk disclosures." Info from Lifesitenews.com, Jan 05.

International thank you's to these:

Ambassador to the US Prince Bandar bin Sultan, who said, "the kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] has historically been on the forefront of nations providing assistance to others in need, and it will do so now..." in response to the tsunami in Asia that killed 145,000 people, last count. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has given $10 million dollars to the relief efforts.

Israel's Chief Rabbi, Shlomo Amar, who said of the tsunami, "G-
d is angry...we must pray more and ask for more mercy" and the website, Ynet, he said, "the nations of the world are obligated to observe the seven Noahide laws, such as prohibitions against murder, and illicit [sexual]relations." Reported by Lifesitenews.com Jan.03,05.

Chief Executive of Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Amjad Mehboob, who said the tsunami was a "test from God".."He wants to see how we react to this. If we react with compassion, our hearts are filled, and we do something about it; then that act in itself is something God wants to see in us. We turn to God, we become God-conscious, and when we become God-conscious, we do good and not bad, and we seek good in others." Quoted by LifeSiteNews.com in article, "Top Israeli Rabbi, Indian Catholic Bishop, Anglican and Muslim Leaders agree..."
Also, Thank you to these collectively:
State of Georgia Legislators for these Prolife Bills:Woman's Right to Know Act, Unborn Victims of Violence Act, Parental Notification for Minors seeking abortion, Human Cloning Prohibition Act, and Choose Life License Plate Act.


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