Friday, January 28, 2005

Praise God for GA's Bobby Franklin!

Good news! State of Georgia has two great Republican Representatives, Bobby Franklin and Mike Coan, who have introduced a bill to ban all abortions there and to prosecute abortionists. Well, I have always said that if killing of innocents is a wrong,then abortion is wrong! I applaud these brave and righteous men who want to make Georgia a leader in the nation and not a follower! YES, all abortions should be banned and all abortionists prosecuted. Killing the innocent with premeditation is a sin against God and it should be clearly labeled "homicide" by all levels of government and it should be prosecuted. Can any State or nation long endure that allows the future citizens to be purposely killed and ground up for "research"??

Also, more good news! According to Life News today, a 19 yr old woman has won a judgement against the Portland Oregon All Women's "health care" abortion clinic, for not informing her of the link between breast cancer and elective abortion, when she had an abortion there in May, 2001. She indicated on the medical history intake form that there was a history of breast cancer in her family. That information, coupled with the significant risk of breast cancer induced by elective abortions, makes it highly probable that she will develop breast cancer. She sued saying the "clinic" should have told her of this fact in order that she could have made an appropriate decision. She is represented by Jonathan Clark who said the clinic could not defend its actions and settled the claim out of court for a "confidential" [read HUGE] amount of money. The link between elective abortion and breast cancer has been known since 1994. I quote, using the fair use doctrine principle for teaching, from LifeNews report and Karen Malec who has pushed the cause of informing women of this link for years now:

Karen Malec of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer said, upon hearing this news, [quote]

"According to research in 1994 by Janet Daling and her colleagues at Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, teenagers with a family history of the disease who procure abortions before age 18 have an incalculably high breast cancer risk," Malec explained.

"Abortions that occur before the birth of a first child are the most carcinogenic, a finding supported by biological and epidemiological evidence," she added." [end quote]

Some bad news: Activist Judge on the federal level. Stanwood Duval, of US District Court is trying to block the Choose LIFE license plates the State of SC is wanting to issue. Like all Activist and unconstitutional Judges who cannot read the words of the Constitution, he is using his office to attempt to prevent the prolife message from going out, and to discriminate against prolifers. IF business applied his way of thinking to any business in this nation,there would be NO businesses in this nation! Let me sum up his objections:: oh, but the proaborts may not like it; oh, but the proaborts will be inconvenienced by having to create their own license plate; oh, but the proaborts will lose their market share; oh but the proaborts won't be happy with me and pay me my bribes/ kickbacks; oh but the proaborts may not be able to propagandize as well; oh but the proaborts will not make as much money killing babies and where will that leave me come reelection time??

I absolutely think it is way past time to require that federal judges abide by the US Constitution including the right to life, as the Constitution says that all Judges are duty bound to obey it.

For the love of God and of this nation, read the Constitution and demand Judges who can read and who will honor the written words of the US Constitution also! Do not settle for socialist Judges in this nation!


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