Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tribute to my father...Poole

Today, my father on the earth was buried. He died suddenly last week, and my heart was broken. I loved my daddy. He always told the truth no matter how blunt it was. Also, he taught me what to look for in a husband: one who would be responsible for providing for his wife, faithful to his wife and reliable, by his example of the way he provided for and loved my mother without any shadow of turning. When I remember my daddy there are so many good memories!

Swimming after our chores were done, his mile wide grin when my daughter graduated from high school, his sitting in the bleachers as I received a degree from the University of Georgia, his remark that I overheard, "Gloria is the most responsible person I know", his paying for me and my daughter to fly home once for the holidays, his relentless love of me, are all wonderful memories for me. Let me add more: his buying my brothers ponies to ride when they were young, his loving my grandmother, his total pride in his family and this nation, his sense of duty to his sisters, his love of the Church, his respect for his dad and mom, his garden, are the foundation of his character, and what I remember so acutely about him.

I miss him so much already. He was there for me. He was steadfast, faithful to his family. a great man, in so many ways!


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