Monday, September 20, 2004

"I wait for The Lord; my soul doth wait, and in His

word, do I hope." Psalms 131:5
Does anyone have any hope in anything BUT the Lord? I often wonder, what those who don't know God hope in?What gives them the courage to face another day? God is my hope and my salvation the Bible says, and it is so.
There are so many news stories that would completely upset me if I did not trust in the Lord. The news about the latest terrorist event in which those "who helped America" were punished, makes me wonder what the whole story is, what the true details are, and what the values of the people involved were--what their thinking was? In the Old Testament there are many accounts of God dealing with nations and civilizations and I think that is what is happening now.
If we could have the benefit of looking back at this period of time from the vantage pont of the year 2075 we would probably have a totally different perspsective on events. I believe the events are in the hands of God who says HE raises up kings and puts down kings. I think he is doing something in America--either chastising it or destroying, but who can tell which at this point in time?
I believe the issue before God is the legalized killing of the true innocents--those in the wombs of their mothers. If there is a destruction of America, I believe it will be for those reasons-that the US Supreme Court had the chance to do the right thing and so far, has not!They have not made illegal the killing of innocents in this nation so it seems that the killing of adults in Iraq abroad by certain groups is raising the awareness of the American public to the horrendous events that make some a scapegoat for others.That is what abortion is, of course--making the tiniest, most defenseless humans pay with their lives for the sins of others.
Are either of those events a "right"? I say no, they are both sins, but how can the United States Congress and Supreme Court condemn the Iraqis for doing occasionally what goes on every working day in America in the pretense of "women's rights"? Is killing a right? Because if it is, then there is no reason to have any government anywhere--the most powerful can rule and anarchy can reign around the world.But if premeditated killing is a wrong. and God said it is, when He wrote in stone, 'thou shalt not kill' as one of the Commandments, then why is abortion legal anywhere?


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