Friday, September 24, 2004

"The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken

heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. " Psalms 33:18 This is my reassurance today. The realization that all humans are just human, nothing more and nothing less, sometimes overwhelms me! I think we often expect ourselves to be more, is that not true? But yesterday I was reminded when i saw in the Denver Post front page the photo of a young man who drank himself to death at a frat party at the University of Colorado. And the sense of despair that his mother must be feeling just made me feel physically sick! The anguish and broken-heart she must now feel is probably not able to be expressed in words. It made me suddenly realize how important mothers are and how what they teach their children impacts them. The truth is someone failed that teenage boy because he did not have the skills or the desire to forsake peer pressure and that in the long run brought about his demise or so it seems to me. The culture of drinking and partying and wild, wantonness on college campuses in the US needs to be curtailed! How do those of us who care, go about it? I personally have written many letters and even published the testimony of those who came to the brink of ruin with alcohol in an effort to turn people back to the path of God. I told of my own testimony to UGA establishment, of how I had professors at the University of Georgia who openly advocated binge drinking and even glorified it to students. I complained! Yet, my sense of loss is great today--that a promising life was snuffed out by stupid and wanton behaviours.
I can remember having gone to the coed frat parties a couple of times and been confronted with kegs of beer, and the attitude that if I didn't drink, I was a prude, an undesirable there. I don't drink alcohol and thanks to God,never had a problem with it, after once having nearly killed myself with it by accident, not knowing the risks and not being cognizant at that time that alcohol consumed in large quantities is lethal. I just drank to be polite and suddenly discovered i could not stand on my feet and then luckily vomited. God was good to me that HE saved me from the destruction.
Why don't they teach on college campuses that unrestrained ingestion of alcohol in short periods of time is deadly? Why don't they teach that alcohol is an addictive substance, intended to destroy one's life? Why don't the Universities in this nation and every nation teach LIFE giving skills and attitudes? What happened to the Schools and Universities and Colleges in America that binge drinking, use of drugs, death-as-a-"right" via the promotion of abortion, "death with dignity" and 'right to die" proponents became the 'norm' on campuses when the intent of all those is death? And this is yet a better question, why don't the parents of all those students CARE about what their kids are taught? Why don't they storm the gates of hell as the Bible says and demand that University Professors be models of exemplary behaviour and morality? Why don't they demand that alcohol and alcoholic parties be forbidden on campuses and any University sponsored event? Why don't all those recognized and supposedly superior minds in the Departments of Administration recognize their fiduciary duty to students to teach the truth and the principles that lead to long life and wellness? Why is the idea of fiduciary duties to students totally alien to the Establishment in Washington, the Edu-crats who implement "social change" to a wanton, wild, atheistic generation?
My only hope is that God Himself will intervene for the students of the righteous parents at least.That God who sits on His throne will look down and see when a student is in over his or her head in the world, and about to self-destruct as HE did in my case and send the Redeeming Angels to intervene or cause the student to vomit. The idea of redeeming Angels is from this Scripture: "The angel ofThe Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them.' Psalms 34:7 And another Scripture , "Many are the afflictions of the righteous; but The Lord delivereth him out of them all.' Psalms 34:19.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Civilized people do NOT kill!

Today I saw the headlines again and knew what Jesus said is true, i.e. there will be wars and rumours of wars (Mark 13:7) until He comes again to judge and to reign. The ongoing conflict between the Western world and the Middle Eastern world and nations has been going on for a long,long time. In fact, since the boy David who became King of Israel, took a rock and slung it and killed Goliath, the giant of the Philistines. Somehow, knowing that on the one hand helps me keep the battle in perspective and so not to despair, and on the other hand, it makes me feel a sort of hopelessness that it will ever be resolved to everyone's satisfaction.
The truth is, it probably will continue until the day of Armageddon, the final battle depicted in the book of Revelations in the Holy Bible. That book once scared the wits out of me, when I was just in high school and totally ignorant of everything but the farm and my grades. Life was so simple then. I had no burden for the human race and no knowledge about other nations and the way they perceived events. But now I do.
About three years ago, I was living in Falls Church, Virginia, and I had the opportunity to go into The District for a meeting between Palestinians (Arabs) and Jews. It was held in some think tank place and had the usual we-don't-have-any-solutions-but-let-us-discuss-it-anyway approach. I listened to one speaker from Jerusalem and his words struck me as rather odd.He said the problem was that the Arabs and the Jews had nothing in common! Now I admit that shocked me some, because I study the Bible and have since I was a very young child. For years I had read how the sibling rivalry between the children of Abraham with Sarah, (Isaac's) and the children of Abraham and Hagar (Ishmael) had been warring factions probably since the time that Sarah insisted that Ishmael had no right to an inheritance. As you may remember God Himself intervened so that Ishmael did not die in the wilderness when he and his mother, Hagar, were cast out. But you know that had to create a lot of hostility and resentment, and yes, outright rage, that has simmered to this day! I can understand how and when the conflict began.
But the shocker to me was, that they seem to have forgotten the root cause of the problem--one who should know better said they had nothing in common!
Well, naive me, I stood up and said how could he say that when they had God in common and a common ancestor. Pandemonium broke loose I can tell you! If I had said that there is a ticking bomb under every chair the reaction probably would not have been more radical! It was if the words I spoke were a bomb!! I was stunned. My daughter was with me, she became afraid of the reaction and jerked on my skirt tail to make me sit down. I had no idea that my words would cause such an uproar when the truth is in the Bible! It is not my idea that the Arabs and Jews are related, I got it from the Bible--the entire story is there for anyone to read! (Genesis chapters 16-28) and of course the end has not been written yet. The book of Revelations that I mentioned already describes the end of the physical earth as we all know it, and the second coming of Jesus as Messiah.
Well, to get to the point, why can't they get along? And why can't they negotiate with each other because they are all children of Abraham, and they owe him something don't they? And I would like to ask each of them, what would Abraham do in this situation? Didn't he tell Lot, his brother, to pick out the land he wanted and that he Abraham would take what was left? Didn't he plead with God NOT to destroy the wicked cities? Didn't he please God?
Does God condone violence for the sake of violence?Or in the name of "rights"? I do not believe He does and I believe that when the Judgement Day comes, it is going to be awful. My other question is, why are the terrorists, who obviously have very smart minds, not just outsmarting their enemies instead of killing them? A stupid thug can kill [not that it makes it right] but a smart person can accomplish so much more than resorting to violence. The violence everywhere has to stop! God said, 'thou shalt not kill" and wrote it in stone and it was recorded by Moses in Exodus 20:13. Remember that David when he was merely a shepherd boy had the chance to kill King Saul and he would not do it. And God made him king! Pleasing God by showing mercy seems to me a much better way--it takes a big man with a good heart, the kind that pleases God to know his own power and then NOT kill or destroy! In fact, it is what separates the heathen from the God-fearing and the barbarians from the civilized.

Monday, September 20, 2004

"I wait for The Lord; my soul doth wait, and in His

word, do I hope." Psalms 131:5
Does anyone have any hope in anything BUT the Lord? I often wonder, what those who don't know God hope in?What gives them the courage to face another day? God is my hope and my salvation the Bible says, and it is so.
There are so many news stories that would completely upset me if I did not trust in the Lord. The news about the latest terrorist event in which those "who helped America" were punished, makes me wonder what the whole story is, what the true details are, and what the values of the people involved were--what their thinking was? In the Old Testament there are many accounts of God dealing with nations and civilizations and I think that is what is happening now.
If we could have the benefit of looking back at this period of time from the vantage pont of the year 2075 we would probably have a totally different perspsective on events. I believe the events are in the hands of God who says HE raises up kings and puts down kings. I think he is doing something in America--either chastising it or destroying, but who can tell which at this point in time?
I believe the issue before God is the legalized killing of the true innocents--those in the wombs of their mothers. If there is a destruction of America, I believe it will be for those reasons-that the US Supreme Court had the chance to do the right thing and so far, has not!They have not made illegal the killing of innocents in this nation so it seems that the killing of adults in Iraq abroad by certain groups is raising the awareness of the American public to the horrendous events that make some a scapegoat for others.That is what abortion is, of course--making the tiniest, most defenseless humans pay with their lives for the sins of others.
Are either of those events a "right"? I say no, they are both sins, but how can the United States Congress and Supreme Court condemn the Iraqis for doing occasionally what goes on every working day in America in the pretense of "women's rights"? Is killing a right? Because if it is, then there is no reason to have any government anywhere--the most powerful can rule and anarchy can reign around the world.But if premeditated killing is a wrong. and God said it is, when He wrote in stone, 'thou shalt not kill' as one of the Commandments, then why is abortion legal anywhere?

Sunday, September 19, 2004

"Lo, children are a heritage of The Lord,and the

fruit of the womb is His reward." Psalms 127:3.

"So God created man in His own image, in the image of God made He him;male and female created He them, and God blessed them and God said unto them, 'be fruitful and muliply and replenish the earth, and subdue it." Genesis 1:27-28

I thought about the first blog entry and decided to add the Scriptures proving how important children are to God. The fact that children are important to God is evidenced by the fact that the word "children" has 5 pages of cross-referenced scripture in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. The Scriptures talk about the "children of my servants" and the "children of the children" over and over again. And read this blessing: "Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house; thy children like the olive plants round about thy table. Behold, that thus shall the man be blessed that feareth the Lord." Psalms 128:3-4,
How many olives does an olive tree have? And what happened in the 20th-21st century of this world that caused women to think that raising children and teaching them to be good, decent, God-fearing humans is not a worthwhile work?And what must we do to change it back to a honorable occupation? Mull on that and please give me feedback. Thanks. /s/gloria

Thanks to for this spot!

Hello, I started out reading the blog of a guy going to Iraq with the Reserves and I thought I was posting to his blog comments about his work. And consequently, I have a new blog spot and that it good! I love to write. And I love to be able to share partly because I am older and wiser than I once was, and partly because I have done so much living that hopefully the mistakes made along the way, will help others.
My oldest daughter just called me and we talked for an hour. In the course of that hour she asked me if I thought she is a good mother and I answered "yes, most of the time" and she then said after hearing my opinions on child-rearing, "it is not as easy as you think". And then I wondered, what I had said that made it sound AS IF I think raising God-fearing, decent children is an easy task. I have been mulling that over in my mind and still don't know. The fact that I still spend hours of time contemplating the lives of my daughters and what is going on with them and if they are ok and the grandchildren are turning out well certainly proves that I do not think parenting is easy or that it ever ends. The truth is I will be a parent as long as I live on this earth and then I will be one in heaven too. I will always be the mother to my "children" even though they are grown now. It is as formidable a task as any human project can be--starting with tiny, defenseless, impressionable human beings just ready to soak up every word and deed and creating an adult able to replicate the good work all over again, is very, very important work! I fear it is greatly underestimated, undervalued and unappreciated in the US.
Of course, that lack of appreciation was fostered by certain groups e.g. the 'feminist' groups, the male haters, the I-don't-need-men-in-my-life unfeminists, to further their cause of tearing apart the family, the marriages and the basic unit of life for all nations. But I was fortunate! I had a strong father and he taught me the important things in life: 1)that family is the most important thing [second to God of course], 2) that family-building is a lifetime effort that takes committment, diligence and perserverance, 3) that the father is important, 4) that the mother must be honored by all especially the father, 4) that children are what it is all about.
Now, I try to convey all of these values to my daughter to teach to her children and her reply is, "it is not as easy as you think". EASY? Did I say it was easy? I said it is crucial but it certainly is not easy. It is the hardest task I have ever tried to do.